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Frontside No-Comply Spin Big

Medium • Freestyle
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The Frontside No-Comply Spin Big is a freestyle longboard trick where you pop the board from the tail and do a Frontside No-Comply 180, but spin your body an extra 180º in the air to land in your normal stance.

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How to Frontside No-Comply Spin Big

  1. 1

    Stand with your front foot in the center of your board with your heel off the edge slightly. Back foot should be on the tail perpendicular to the length of your board with your heel off slightly.

  2. 2

    Carve heelside, step your front foot off the heelside edge, and pop your tail. Very similar to the normal Frontside No-Comply 180, but with your upper body twisted a bit more in the rotational direction.

  3. 3

    Jump off your front foot while your longboard is rotating 180º and jump an extra 180º with your body.

  4. 4

    Catch your board with your back foot pointed backwards in the center of your board and step to the front of your board with your front foot to finish the trick.


    The trick with the Frontside No-Comply Spin Big is in leading the rotation with your upper body. Looking as frontside of your board as you can, turning your shoulders slightly before popping and maintaining an upright body position off your planting foot before jumping. This allows you to turn the full 360º leveled and over the the top of the board.

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Video by Auburn Hills

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