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Full Cab (Fakie)

Hard • Freestyle
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The Full Cab is a freestyle longboard trick where you jump and spin with your board 360º from a fakie stance.

Tricks to learn first

Frontside Pivot

Nollie Frontside Big Spin


How to Full Cab (Fakie)

  1. 1

    Get into a fakie stance. This means having your back foot on the nose of your board perpendicular to the direction of travel. Your front should will be in the center of your longboard pointed backwards slightly.

  2. 2

    Start a Fakie Frontside Pivot motion and keep your center of gravity centered.

  3. 3

    Pop your tail right when your longboard crosses the 180º mark of the rotation. Try to pop straight down so you make sure to get air and stay in control.

  4. 4

    Finish the Full Cab by following through with your arms and landing with soft knees in your switch riding position.


    Make sure that before trying this you have the Fakie Frontside Pivot on LOCK. You should be able to land a backside ollie as well, although many find this easier to land than the Backside Ollie because of the added momentum.

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Video by Merv Walker

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