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The Team

We love longboarding. While we all found the sport at different times in our lives, we share the same stoke. And we created Amp Skate to share the stoke with anyone looking to be a part of this awesome and diverse community.

Brandon DesJarlais

Brandon DesJarlais is a professional longboard skater, content creator, and marketing professional from Salem, Oregon. Brandon made a name for himself primarily as a competitive downhill longboarder and has gone on to master other types of longboarding as well. As a skateboarder, he's spent time traveling around the world shredding hills and teaching others through individual coaching, online tutorials, and his work as head instructor at Camp Woodwings in France. He started #TrickTipTuesday in Spring 2020 which has amassed over 100m views since then.

Laura Paragano

Laura started longboarding during the pandemic as a way to stay sane. She tried skateboarding at 12, but was intimidated by the scene and had no one to teach her. So she put down the board and picked up the sword. While Laura went on to fence at a NCAA Div I level, her fencing skills turned out to be advantageous for learning how to skate again (she rides goofy and fenced righty). Her longboarding style blends dancing and freestyle. Laura is passionate about supporting women and queer folx within the longboarding community. She's a writer, a designer, a musician, and a surfer.

Andrew Steinheiser

Andrew is a programmer, longboarder, gamer, and creator of things. His primary focus with longboarding is to fuse dancing, freestyle, and a little downhill together to create fun combos and lines. When he's not skating, Andrew is either playing a new rogue-like game, attending a Hackathon, creating wonderful webpages, or cranking on a hardware project.

Ayoub Aabass

Ayoub is a 24 years old developer, designer, longboarder and weird coffee person from Italy. When he's in front of his computer you can usually either find him working on refining beautiful user interfaces or on experimenting with new weird graphical styles. When he's not working, he's either refining his longboard dancing flow, working on a new trick of some sort, dialling in some new beans on his machine, or planning his next trip around the globe.

Interested in contributing?

We're looking for people to help report on their local longboarding communities! If you're interested in sharing news from where you live, reach out to us.

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