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Heelside 1-Foot 180 Stand-Up Slide

Medium • Downhill
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The Heelside 1-Foot 180 Stand-Up Slide is a longboard slide trick where you powerslide your longboard 180º frontside (heelside) with only your front leg on the board.

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Heelside 180 Stand Up Slide

How to Heelside 1-Foot 180 Stand-Up Slide

  1. 1

    Stand in a wide stance with your front foot covering the inner bolts of your front truck if possible. Your heels can be slightly over the heelside edge to make the slide easier.

  2. 2

    Initiate the Heelside 180 Stand-Up Slide by carving heelside and throwing your arms up and across your body to de-weight the wheels.

  3. 3

    Once your wheels break traction with the pavement, lift your back foot off the board, and twist your front foot continue the 180º rotation of your longboard.

  4. 4

    To finish the Heelside 1-Foot 180 Stand-Up Slide, pull your arms back across your body as if you were doing a check slide. This will slow down the momentum of your body rotation and allow you to roll away clean.


    The tricky part with this slide is keeping the board under you without over-rotating. To do this, focus on keeping most all of your balance and control on your front foot as well as

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Video by Jesse Fabrizio

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