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Swedish Nose Manual

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The Swedish Nose Manual is a freestyle longboard trick where you balance on your front two wheels with your back foot under your board.

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Nose Manual

How to Swedish Nose Manual

  1. 1

    Step your front foot forward onto the front truck at 45º. Your foot should cover 3 of the bolts, leaving the front heelside bolt open.

  2. 2

    Step your back foot under the heelside edge of your board. The width of your stance should be similar to the normal Nose Manual.

  3. 3

    Shift your upper body forward and slowly transition all the weight to your front foot. Then, raise your back foot slowly and use your upper body to control the balance. Depending on how wide your stance is, you may need to shift your weight forward more aggressively to find the balance equilibrium.

  4. 4

    To release the Swedish Nose Manual, simply pull your back foot out from under the board and step back into a normal riding position.


    Most of the control in the Swedish Nose Manual comes from bending your front knee and keeping your hips as far forward as possible (NOT just your hands and shoulders). Your back leg shouldn't bend much to control the balance. Having your front foot slightly more forward on your longboard will make lifting the back wheels easier to do, but is less steezy. The choice is yours.

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Video by Lance Lynn

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