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3 min read • Nov 10, 2022
Brandon DesJarlais

3 easy steps to start longboard dancing for beginners

3 easy steps to start longboard dancing for beginners

Audrey learning her first longboard dancing steps in Miami. Photo: Caden Weatherly

Are you ready to add some flair and style to your longboarding skills? Look no further than longboard dancing! This exciting and visually stunning discipline combines smooth steps and freestyle tricks as you carve and glide down the pavement. It may look effortless, but it takes balance, creativity, and plenty of practice to perfect your flow.

Learning to longboard dance is accessible to anyone with a board and a smooth surface to ride on. Get started with these three easy steps for beginners: the 180 Step, the Cross Step, and the Peter Pan.

With just a few hours of practice, you'll be impressing others and feeling more confident in no time. So grab your board and get ready to dance!

First 3 beginner longboard dance steps to learn

1. The 180 Step

The 180 Step is one of the most alluring longboard dancing tricks for beginners because it's super functional. It’s one of the simplest ways to switch your riding stance from regular to goofy (or vice-versa). After just a few short hours of practice, impressing others and feeling more confident will be easier with this longboard dancing trick.

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2. The Cross Step

The Cross Step is another popular longboard dancing move. It feels super flowy to perform when you incorporate it into a carve.

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3. The Peter Pan

The Peter Pan is quite similar to the 180 Step except you keep your feet moving, one over the other. You can do this until you get tired.

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After shifting your body weight on the edge, you will be swinging over your feet. If you keep your body weight in the center, you will face problems while performing Peter Pan.

Is longboard dancing easy?

Longboard dancing might look smooth and graceful, but it’s not as easy as it looks. A rider needs balance, creativity, and a lot of practice to make their flow stylish. You might have longboard surfing and skateboarding skills but when it comes to longboard dancing, you'll need something extra. Longboard dancing is a very visual (and subjective) discipline where you combine smooth steps and longboard freestyle tricks while carving.

The popularity of longboard dancing is increasing day by day. It's already very popular in South East Asia, Latin America, and Europe. For beginners wanting to get more involved in longboarding, longboard dancing is the most accessible discipline. All you need is a board and a smooth, flat piece of asphalt.


We hope this helps get you started! Remember, the biggest step to progress is the first one you make to get on your board :)

Brandon DesJarlais
Brandon is a professional longboard skater and co-founder of Amp Skate based in Venice Beach, California. You'll find him skating up and down the boardwalk daily teaching lessons, hosting sessions, or just straight vibing.
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Brandon DesJarlais
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