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3 min read • Mar 3, 2023

2022 Longboard dancing trends

2022 Longboard dancing trends

Lotfi Lamaali and Jeff Corsi, shot by Axel Massin for Okozo

The past year has been great for the longboard dancing scene. I run the Instagram @longboardance where I share videos from riders all across the world and connect the community. I’ve had a chance to watch a lot of longboard dancing and freestyle content. Here are some of the trends that I saw in 2022.

Riders are embracing freestyle and dancing combos

There are so many different styles of riding right now! One of the most exciting things about longboard dancing in 2022 was how freestyle and dancing were being mixed together. Many riders are combining more technical moves of freestyle (like kickflips and manuals) with the fluidity of dance steps to unlock new, creative and unique moves.

Some examples include:

AJ the Kid

Vladimir Zephyr

B-Board Kamel

Longboard dancing is becoming more mainstream

This last year, quite a few longboarders were featured in commercials and advertising materials for some big name brands, including Facebook.

Here’s a photo series of Terri the Elf for Laisha Magazine in Israel.

I’m glad to see longboarding make its way into the media and hope more people will learn about that amazing sport.

Communities and learning opportunities are growing

As more people learn about longboarding, they have also been looking for communities to ride with and learn from.

Valeriya is an amazing rider and founder of the very cozy and inspirational Longboard Camp in Portugal.

Also, Kate Voynova and Timur Totoev have both played a huge role in the development of the Russian longboard scene: making events, teaching people, creating a school, "Flip N Flow", for longboard dancing and just being helpful and awesome for every beginner.

Videos use upbeat music

Longboard dancing is a dynamic and high-energy sport, and some of the most popular videos on Instagram capture this excitement. Riders dance with fast feet to upbeat music, and that keeps us engaged.

Jian Peng of Locus Longboards is doing wonders in longboard freestyle. How he rides seems impossible to do.

Raw lines are rare

With the exception of competition videos, almost all longboard dancing content features multiple clips or trick attempts. This is great because it allows riders to showcase different lines and combos without the pressure of having to get them all in one take.

Here’s Abou Seck. He’s the smoothies—when he’s dancing on a longboard, it looks like he was born to do it.

2023 Longboard dancing trend predictions

If I had to take a guess at what videos will be most popular in 2023, I think they’ll be short and packed with tricks and lines. As recording equipment and editing tools become more available and easier to use, that will allow for videos to be more creatively styled as well.

We might also see more trick tips from different people, because we as a community support each other and like providing educational resources for new people!

I wish y’all the best this year. Keep riding, keep learning, and most importantly, don’t forget to have fun!

Katie is the creator of @longboardance. She's been riding since 2017. Off the board, Katie is working to become a motion designer and animator. She loves pizza and fries.
AJ the Kid
Vladimir Zephyr
B-Board Kamel
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Abou Seck
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