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Heelside Stand-Up Slide

Easy • Downhill
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The Heelside Stand-Up Slide is a longboard slide trick where you carve heelside and break traction with your wheels.

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How to Heelside Stand-Up Slide

  1. 1

    Stand in a wide stance with your front foot around 45º and your back foot perpendicular to your longboard. Your heels can hang off slightly to make the slide more easy to initiate.

  2. 2

    Pre-carve toeside across the road to set-up for the slide. This essentially gives you more space on the road to slide straight. Otherwise you’ll have a tendency of sliding towards the edge of the road and running out of space too quickly.

  3. 3

    As you go to kick out the slide, keep your knees bent and carve hard. Once you start to feel the wheels slip, give them a little extra force with your back foot, point your front arm forward, your back arm backwards, and stand up slightly to de-weight the board. During the slide your chest should be facing the direction you’re sliding. You should feel rotational tension in your upper and lower body.

  4. 4

    To finish the slide, release the tension in your body by pulling your front arm back and bending your back knee. This will put the weight back on the front truck and straighten your board out.


    Strengthen your core for big slides. For fast slides, always keep your posture straight to the road. This helps for a smooth hook up and have your body in the proper position for the next slide regardless of if it’s heelside or toeside.

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Video by Mirko Paoloni

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